Upholstery backing feeder

Simple mattress production with upholstery backing material

The user-friendly system for automatic cutting to length and laying of upholstery backing material made of fleece, felt, coir or similar materials.

Safety and comfort
Reduction of cutting injuries through fully automatic cutting
Economical material consumption
Low waste due to roll processing
Optional bonding and processing of two different materials possible
01. Functionality


The Upholstery backing feeder cuts the backing material from a roll and places the cut backing on the foam sheet. The upholstery backing material is pulled by the gripper from the material roll to the set/calculated dimension. The upholstery backing material is then cut off and positioned on the lay-up belt. The lay-up belt is lowered. During the plate transport onto the following conveyor belt, the upholstery backing is placed onto the foam board by the driven lay-up belt.

An optional gluing bridge allows to apply hot melt glue to the foam board beforehand, so that the upholstery backing is directly glued to the board. The optional two-sided feeding of the upholstery backing material allows the use of different materials.

The Upholstery backing feeder can be used for the production of various types of multilayer upholstery.

The simple production of different spring mattresses with upholstery backing materials are common fields of application.

01 Gripper for the transport of material
02 Precise cut of all materials
03 Exact positioning on the foam board
02. Features

Future viability through continuous further development

Automatic cutting to length of the upholstery backing from the roll and precise positioning by longitudinal and transverse alignment.

With detection of the end of the material and constant tensile force by dancer shaft buffer.

03. Technical details

We are constantly developing our proven technology for your profit.

Manual or automatic width presetting by measuring the foam board on the alignment table
Upholstery backing dimensions
Upholstery backing length (material width): 160 cm-200 cm
Upholstery backing width (cut): 50 cm-190 cm
Automatic height adjustment to the foam board
Precise positioning due to longitudinal and transverse alignment
Driven lay-on belt
Silicone-coated conveyor belt with wedge guides for foam board transport
Driven material unwinding
Sensor-supported detection of the end of the material
constant pulling force due to dancer shaft buffer
Four-sheet knife with grinding device
Low-jerk frequency converter drives with thermal contacts (full motor protection)
Cycle time approx. 15 s
Comfort and safety
Fully enclosed automatic production
Roller and cutting unit on both sides
Hotmelt gluing bridge for direct gluing to the foam board
04. Referenzen
Große Zufriedenheit unserer namhaften Kunden weltweit

Zufriedenheit ist unser Fortschritt

Weltweit werden KSM-Crossliner für die Matratzenproduktion eingesetzt.

Die einzigartige starke Klebeverbindung des KSM-Crossliners macht ihn zum Lieblingsprodukt in der weltweiten Matratzenproduktion. Die einfache und bedienerfreundliche Handhabung der Maschine sowie die individuelle flexible Möglichkeit der Zusammenstellung mit weiteren Produktionsmaschinen sind herausragende Features für unsere Kunden. Innovative Techniken und jahrzehntelange Erfahrung geben Ihnen Sicherheit.

Wir produzieren gerne mit den Maschinen der Firma KSM Maschinentechnik GmbH, da diese sicher, zuverlässig und langlebig sind.
Rita Musterfrau
Produktionsleiterin XY Mattresses
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