Portal gripper

Feeding of a wide variety of materials by means of different gripping systems

Variable selection of gripping systems from needles, clamps, multi-clamps, magnets and pallet grippers for your application.

Safety and comfort
Safety barrier with program-controlled access control
Lay-up cycle of only 13 seconds
5 Different gripping systems for different materials
01. Functionality

Portal gripper

The Portal grippers can be individually adapted to your needs by our 5 different gripping systems.

The materials to be processed, such as foam sheets or spring cores, are positioned as stacks on the stacking stations manually or via optional feeding systems. The gripper picks up the material and feeds it to the production line. Several stacking stations can be approached. In combination with a pallet gripper, the pallets on which the materials were stacked can be stacked again.

Portal grippers can be used for feeding foam boards at the beginning of a line and for feeding spring cores during mattress assembly.

The feeding of materials is facilitated and safe due to fully enclosed machines. The automatic sequence with mattress programs brings enormous time savings compared to manual feeding.

01 Needle gripper with short and long needles for foam sheets
02 Magnetic gripper for spring cores
03 Multigripper for foam boards and spring cores
02. Features

The highlights of the Portal grippers

  • Gentle material processing
  • High flexibility of material feed
  • Automatic stack height measurement
  • Ideal addition to entire production lines with mattress programs
  • Multiple stacking positions possible
  • Many mattress sizes and thicknesses can be realized
03. Technical details

Our technology is used worldwide

Gripper variants
Multigripper, magnetic gripper, needle gripper, clamp gripper, pallet gripper
Foams, spring cores, pallets
Cross-machine manufacturing
Machine interfaces with mattress program
Space saving shearing arm
Comfort and safety
Convenient stack feed via feed systems or large stacking location gates

Safety shut-off of the stacking areas
Different feeding systems
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