Roller gluing line

The right solution not only for foam mattresses

The roller gluing line can be used to produce a wide variety of mattresses. The Portal gripper, which is matched to the type of panel, picks up the panels stacked on pallets and feeds them to the gluing system.

Several layers can be optimally bonded by means of dispersion adhesive applied via rollers. The innovative roller technology enables the production of mattresses with both profiled and flat foams.

A dryer shortens the waiting time before further processing. A joining station automates the joining of different foam layers. The subsequent manual assembly is reduced to a minimum effort.

Intensification of the adhesive bond takes place in a fully automatic press.

With the help of the covering machine, the mattress blank can be finished with a finished mattress cover in a material- and energy-saving manner.

By using a telescope stacker, the finished mattresses can be automatically stacked on pallets or mattress carts.

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