Hotmelt gluing line

Perfect for spring core mattresses

Our special “Crossliner” hotmelt line is particularly well suited for the production of mattresses with spring cores.

A Portal gripper matched to the type of board picks up the base, intermediate and cover boards stacked on pallets and feeds them to the gluing system under program control.

With our automatic upholstery backing feeder, an upholstery backing can be automatically applied to the foam boards. The special Crossliner hotmelt adhesive application is perfect for a strong adhesive bond with spring cores of different types.

The spring cores can be unpacked and fed automatically via spring core unwinder and spring core feeder in the form of a Portal gripper system.

Manual mattress assembly is reduced to a minimum.

Intensification of the adhesive bond takes place in a fully automatic press.

With the help of the covering machine, the mattress blank can be finished with a finished mattress cover in a material- and energy-saving manner.

By using a telescope stacker, the finished mattresses can be automatically stacked on pallets or mattress carts.

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