Upholstery backing put on device

Support manual mattress production with upholstery backing material

The support for manual application of the upholstery backing material made of fleece, felt, coconut or similar materials.

Facilitation of work
Support for manual mattress assembly
Simple handling
large-area material platform with right-angled stop
Processing of already cut board material
01. Functionality


The Upholstery backing put on device consists of a platform installed above the outfeed conveyor of a gluing line and simplifies the right-angled, smooth placement of a Upholstery backing. The platform is arranged at an angle and can be raised pneumatically if necessary to increase the free throughput height.

The Upholstery backing put on device can be used for the production of various types of multilayer upholstery.

The simple production of different spring mattresses with upholstery support materials are common fields of application.

02. Features

Impressive in simplicity

Easy handling achieves maximum support for manual mattress assembly and maintains flexibility in material selection.

03. Technical details

Simple and cost-effective solutions for your business.

Pneumatic height adjustment possible
Pure manual operation
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