Covering machine

The covering machine for all compressible mattresses

Automatic process
Facilitated production through automatic covering process
Years of experience
Our experience for your benefit
Production with the latest safety technology
01. Functionality

Covering machine

The cover machine is a powerful machine for spring core, full foam and latex mattresses. The mattress blank is conveyed by triplex chains or belts into the cover which is manually pulled onto the cover carriers. A tensioning device and the long carriers ensure easy pulling on of the cover. A small width compression when the mattress blank enters the machine reduces friction during the covering process and, with the upper and lower synchronously driven conveyor chains, brings a tension-free covering process.

The covering machine can be adapted exactly to your needs by several variants.

The mounting of sewn mattress covers is a common field of application of the covering machine.

02. Features

Productivity through faster processing

Tension-free covering process

Easy pulling on of the cover due to tensioning device

Reduces friction due to width compression during the covering process

Significantly easier and faster processing compared to manual covering

03. Technical details

We realize your wishes with proven and innovative technology.

Infeed by profile carrier guided triplex chains or belts
Max. Mattress size
Height depending on version 8 cm - 35 cm
Width 60 cm - 200 cm
Powerful, synchronous drive
Infeed table with lateral guides or alignment device.
Comfort and safety
Safety grids with maintenance doors on the infeed side
Automatic width and height adjustment
Silicone oil spraying device
Fixing of the cover by bonding with water-soluble adhesives, with automatic switching on and off of the adhesive nozzles
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